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Is the Obama Phone Real?

The State and Federal government has a program that provides free cellphones and free talk time to people with low income as well as senior citizens. This subsidized program is called Lifeline phones assistance program. But Obama hasn’t initiated it; it started few decades back and got its current format after going through several changes within this time. Safelink Wireless, the largest cellphone provider of the Lifeline program and a subsidiary of Tracfone, was created under the administration of George William Bush which received grants from a company that was launched during the Bill Clinton’s time and it was done because of an act passed by President Franklin Roosevelt which in turn was influenced because of an agreement between President Woodrow Wilson’s administration and some telecom service providers. So you can realize that this free cellphone service has a pretty long history and the claim about the Obama phone is nothing but a false rumor.

At present, free cellphone with 250 free minutes is provided to financially disabled people. It has been included during Bush’s administration. Several telecom companies have been approved to provide cellphones to the qualified people living in the United States and within US territory. This service is not for everyone. You need to fulfill certain requirements to avail this facility provided by the government. These requirements are almost same in all the states as it has been set by the government.

Currently, the government is thinking of providing free wireless internet service to the people under this program instead of old-fashioned land phones. It’ll be a great effort if government includes this service in Lifeline program.

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